‘No Survivors Likely,’ in Germanwings Flight Alps Crash

Germanwings flight 4U 9525 suffered a catastrophic failure for unknown reasons and crashed Tuesday morning over the French Alps on its way from Spain to Germany. The airline, a low-cost subsidiary of German carrier Lufthansa, has confirmed the incident.


Lufthansa verified on Twitter that there were 150 people aboard the Airbus A320, 144 passengers and six crew members.

According to the New York Times, one of the the last radio communications between the Germanwings flight and air traffic controllers occurred forty minutes after takeoff. The flight then rapidly lost altitude over the French town of Barcelonnette.

At this time, nobody is sure what caused the crash. The BBC noted that both Germanwings and the A320 have an excellent safety record.

The crash site is reportedly difficult to access, but helicopters have surveyed the area and have spotted the wreckage along with the bodies of the passengers .

2014 was called the safest year ever in commercial aviation by the International Air Transportation Association.

French president, François Hollande said in a statement that are not likely to be any survivors.


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