First-Person Drone Shootout, Star Wars-style

From military operations to Amazon deliveries, the world of unmanned aviation is evolving. Remote-control airplane enthusiasts in particular are benefitting from the rise of drone technology.  Take a look at this amazing video of a Star Wars-syle pod race does with RC drones.

On-board cameras and video headsets provided these hobbyists with the amazing first-person view. described the scene:

Twenty-four competitors raced their drones through the 150 m (492 ft) course, the field made up of quadcopters and multicopters customized for an optimal balance of speed and agility. Having to contend with obstacles such as trees, rival drones, low-hanging branches and sharp contrasts in lighting, the racers darted through the forest at speeds as high as 50 km/h (31 mph).

The race was held by a French drone club, Airgonay.

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