The View From a B-24 Ball Turret

Take a GoPro, put it on the end of a B-24 Liberator’s .50 caliber ball turret, and take the old bird for a spin.  The result is something like this incredible footage that mixes a modern fisheye view with the WWII era bomber.  When the turret drops down, the Liberator looks more like a sci-fi spacecraft than something to be seen in a historical documentary.

Youtuber Taigh Ramey got these great shots with the help of the Collings Foundation and their B-24 bomber crew camp.  Campers go to California for two days to experience “living history” and participate in a simulated bombing mission.  Here’s a list of what is provided:

Each crewmember will be issued: 50 rounds / 50 cal. blank, 10 rounds / 50 cal. live, 15 shot gun rounds, shotgun and targets. Additional ammo will be available for purchase at location. Mission flight time will be approximately 1 hour. 250 lb. dummy bombs will be dropped on a target from the B-24 Liberator (manufactured to original specifications).

You can watch a video of the mission here.  It shows the B-24 dropping its dummy bombs and some formation flying with a gorgeous P-51 Mustang.

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