VIDEO| Cirrus’ Emergency Parachute Landing in the Pacific

This incredible video, captured by the U.S. Coast Guard, shows a Cirrus SR-22 making an emergency parachute landing Jan. 25 off the coast of Hawaii.  Thanks to the parachute system and the Coast Guard’s guidance, the pilot landed the aircraft and was successfully rescued by the crew from the nearby cruise ship Veendam.

The Coast Guard describes the how accident happened and how Cirrus pilot was successfully rescued in their press release.

The pilot of a single engine Cirrus SR-22 aircraft that ran out of fuel is safe after ditching his aircraft 253 miles northeast of Maui, Hawaii Sunday.

At approximately 4:44 p.m. the pilot was able to deploy the aircraft’s airframe parachute system and safely exit the aircraft into a life raft…

The flight originated in Tracy, California and was destined for Kahului Maui.

This video was captured from a Coast Guard HC-130, the same aircraft that guided the pilot until he was rescued by the Veendam.

Cirrus, the aircraft’s manufacturer, is known for their parachute systems.  For another video detailing the development of the critical safety feature, click here.

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