Is This Bush Flying or Off-Roading?

YouTuber Steve Henry lands his plane in places that most would consider better suited for an ATV.   He has no fear of rocks, cliffs, or mountains.  Check out this video of him doing some crazy landings on 50-percent-grade mountain slopes.

Here he is at the 2-minute mark: “All these different places that I’m landing this Super Stol are fun, but none of them are really difficult.  I mean, they’re just not … not in this plane.”

The aircraft he’s flying, the Super Stol, is made by Just Aircraft and is specifically designed for just this kind of crazy flying/off-roading.  But despite what he says about the plane, that kind of bush flying surely requires serious skill.

Steve has a handful of other videos that are all worth watching.  Take a look at his dead stick take off.

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