Aviation’s Five Most Rockin’ Bands

Some airmen, when they aren’t at the controls, are in the studio recording an album. Sure, militaries of all kinds have bands. But musicians have to mix things up when a traditional marching band’s sound grows stale.

So, without further ado, here’s Aviation.com’s list of the top five military aviation bands.

5. The Destroyers — “American Girl”

This group hails from the U.S. Navy Southwest Band Southwest. Check out their cover of “American Girl” form Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

4. Touch ‘N Go — “Say”

Touch ‘N Go is part of the U.S. Air Force Band in Europe. They’re almost always on a European tour. Watch them preform John Mayer’s “Say.”

3. Jet Stream — “Coming Home (Momma It’s Your Boy)”

The Royal Canadian Royal Air Force calls this one of their “premier ensembles.” From their sound, it’s easy to see why.  Here’s the Winnipeg, Manitoba-based group playing the first original on our list, “Coming Home (Momma It’s Your Boy).”

2. Max Impact — “Send Me”

When it comes to rock bands, the U.S. Air Force’s Max Impact is hard to beat. This group’s jet-fueled guitars and high-g vocals make it the most ‘metal’ band of them all.

1. Dos Gringos — “I’m a Pilot”

Dos Gringos comes it at the top of our list and is the only band that does not have an official military affiliation. And looking at some of their songs, it is easy to see why. This group sings the songs that fighter pilots want to sing. These guys fly under the radar and don’t have much of an internet presence.

But the few videos of their live performances in bars almost sound better than their actual studio recordings. It must be the Jeremiah Weed.

Do you have a favorite aviation-related band? Leave a comment below, and let us know.

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