AirAsia Flight’s Black Box May Have Been Found

Indonesian naval officials are reporting that they probably have found AirAsia flight QZ8501’s tail section. This may help explain the mysterious disappearance of the commercial flight and its 162 passengers. Yayan Sofyan is the captain of the naval patrol ship that made the discovery. Sofyan told Reuters,

We found what has a high probability of being the tail of the plane.

Several large objects have been found using sonar. If one of them is the tail section, it may contain the black box, which records both flight and voice data. Black boxes are commonly located in the tail of all aircraft. Hopefully, finding the tail of the Airbus A320 means that investigators will also find these records and then be able to reconstruct exactly what happened.

As tough as these flight recorders are, they do not last forever. There is a 30-day life for the black boxes. This makes every day precious and bad weather is continuing to inhibit the search for the lost AirAsia flight.

Many hypothesize that bad weather is exactly lead to the crash. But nature is only a part of the cause for the crash. Human error is also responsible. The New York Times reports that the Indonesian Transportation Ministry has suspended several its officials for allowing the AirAsia flight to take off even though it was missing some of the required clearances.

Indonesia has grounded all AirAsia flights that follow flight QZ8501’s path from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore. The airline’s flights will be allowed to continue once the clearance issue has been investigated.

The search for parts of the wreckage is still ongoing and as of Jan. 5, there have been 37 bodies found.

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