50-year-old Crash Discovered in the Andes

It was in 1961 that Chile’s professional soccer team, the Green Cross, suffered a serious tragedy. Eight of their team members were killed in a mysterious plane crash over the Andean mountain range.  At the time, nobody knew where the plane had gone or what had become of its passengers. But nearly half a century later, a team of mountaineers say they have finally found the wreckage of the Douglas DC-3 along with the bones of the 24 people who were onboard the aircraft when it crashed.

Aerial view of the Andes. Via Wikipedia Commons.

Aerial view of the Andes. Via Wikipedia Commons.

Leonardo Albornoz, a member of the expedition that found the remains, told CNN México that his team discovered the wreckage above 10,000 feet in the Linares mountain range, which is about 190 miles away from Santiago, Chile.

With the remains the history of the event will be rewritten because, additionally, the aircraft is not in the place where the official reports has said it was.

Albornoz added that he and his team are not willing to reveal the location of the crash just yet. Doing so, he says, might compromise the site and turn it into a tourist location. There is also the fear that looters will come and take the remains if the crash site is made public. The team has released some pictures and video of the site, which can be found on The Washington Post’s site here.

The Chilean players who had chosen to take that flight did so because it took a more direct route home, according to the Scottish Daily Record. The players were coming back to Santiago after an away game that tied 1-1. Flyertalk.com says that the pilots’ last radio contact indicated that the propellers and wings were being iced over, and this may have caused the crash.

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