Delta Flight Slips and Slides on LaGuardia’s Runway

Instead of disembarking in the terminal after a flight from Atlanta, the passengers and crew of Delta Air Lines flight 1086 deplaned in a snowstorm after their aircraft slipped off the runway and crashed through a fence Thursday at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Had the aircraft slid any farther, the MD-88 jetliner would have ended up in the water, and passengers would have had to preform a water evacuation into the East River. Luckily, it stopped before that. Reports indicate that there are no fatalities or serious injuries.

As of now, the cause of the crash is uncertain.  But Delta said in a statement that they are working with all authorities to find out why the MD-88 jetliner slid off runway 13. The Federal Aviation Administration closed the airport until 7 pm EST, and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigating the crash.

It seems more than likely that the local weather conditions played a role in the accident. Winter is a tough season for aviation, and icy runways do not lend themselves to good traction.

The passengers of the Delta flight were taken from the scene and moved to the Delta Sky Club, according to Time. Many of them took to the internet and social media to report the incident.

Below a video taken by a passenger, which contains a raw commentary on the accident.


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