The Most Annoying Passengers of 2014

Out of all the things airline passengers do, what behaviors are the most annoying to everyone else on the plane? To find the answer, Expedia conducted a poll among 1,000 Americans. The study is officially entitled the, “Expedia Airplane Etiquette Study 2014,” and you can check out the full details of their findings in this info-graphic.

At the top of the list, Americans found the rear-seat kicker to be the most annoying of all airline passengers. A total of 67% agreed that these wannabe ninjas are worst of the worst. Inattentive parents followed closely with 64%, and the aromatic passenger took third place with 56%. Some of the other categories included the armrest hog, chatty Cathy, or the boozer.

Sitting around any one of these characters would make your flight pretty miserable. But the study also some optimistic findings.

It also is worth pointing out that despite some of the study’s individual findings, American flyers remain largely upbeat: 78 percent agree that ‘for the most part, fellow passengers are considerate of other passengers.’

As an example of what not to do, Jimmy Kimmel brought on Sir Patrick Stewart his show to act out the behaviors typified by some of these categories. You can check it out in the video below.

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