Americans Doubt the Commercial Use of Drones

Revolution of any kind is bound to make waves.  The meteoric rise of drones and their use in civil and military aviation is no exception. Are Americans ready to incorporate the commercial use of drones into their lives? A recent Associated Press-GfK poll says, no.

The survey showed that the public does not support the commercial use of drones. Of the 1,010 adults surveyed, 43% said that they oppose the use of drones for commercial purposes,  21% were in favor and the other 35% did not pick a side.

Support for using commercial drones was the weakest among women and seniors, while college graduates and wealthier people were more apt to favor it.

When asked about using drones for package delivery services, such as Amazon Prime Air, Americans were slightly less critical. Only 39% were opposed.

Also, most agreed that sending drones into dangerous or remote areas was an acceptable use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones have already been used to help keep us humans safe and will probably do so in the future.

Take a look at this ambulance drone, which is being developed to quickly deliver emergency defibrillators.

Americans may not be willing to see commercial drones take to the skies yet, but they are certainly buying them for private use. According to The Washington Post, in the past three years over half a million small drones have been sold in the US.

During the holiday season, people are sure to be buying and gifting these remote control aircraft.  In their drone buying guide video, The Verge said that they, “are the coolest toy a modern-day gadget lover can own.”

The drone revolution appears to be making progress despite some hiccups.  The Federal Aviation Administration currently prohibits the use of commercial drones.  But it is expected to make changes soon that will accommodate the growing commercial drone industry.

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