Which Airlines Have the Most (And Least) Leg Room?

There are some pretty crazy ideas out there for how to stuff even more people into a plane and on Friday we saw just how painful flying can get, but fear not.  You can give up the fight for the armrest and choose more legroom.  CNTraveler.com and Cheapflights.com made this infographic to show us how.

Oh, Air Canada!  They are the clear winners with 18.5″ seat width and 35″ seat pitch.  Sorry, Southwest and Spirit, but this Thanksgiving I’ll be taking the northern route home.

There are other resources out there to help you know how much space you’ll be getting like Seatguru.com.  If all else fails and you find yourself squirming in your chair, Boeing has a list of exercises and stretches that can be done even when the seat belt light is on.

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