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ProAirsport's Project GloW. Credit: ProAirsport

Putting a Jet Engine in a Glider

It may not be a world first, but it always sounds strange when an aircraft designer says they will put a jet engine in a sailplane. Take a look at U.K.-based ProAirsport and their Project GloW,…

VIDEO| Helicopter Golf: Because Why Not?

VIDEO| Helicopter Golf: Because Why Not?

These days, almost all the aviation news about Russia covers their military’s serious and provocative bomber sorties. But here is some news that will lighten the mood.  Check out these Russian pilots playing helicopter golf The accompanying Reuters article says that…

Aerial view of the Andes. Via Wikipedia Commons.

50-year-old Crash Discovered in the Andes

It was in 1961 that Chile’s professional soccer team, the Green Cross, suffered a serious tragedy. Eight of their team members were killed in a mysterious plane crash over the Andean mountain range.  At the time, nobody…