Military Headlines

The  F-35 went through a series of test this past week in which Lockheed Martin is proud to announce that the F-35 testing is ahead of schedule, reports  The report includes a few interesting records, such as a new speed record for the F-35, a new longest flight and new record for the number of flights within a month.  Overall the F-35 remains ahead of the overall goals set for test flights this year.  For more content of the F-35

Israel looks to display two of its most exciting products, the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system and the Trophy "Windjacket" active protection system for armored fighting vehicles.  The Iron Dome system has already been put to use in southern Israel,  the system was designed to intercept short-range missiles fired by Hamas terrorists at Israeli towns and villages.  The "Windjacket" was also successfully deployed, the system destroys missiles and rockets fired at tanks and other armored vehicles.  Both systems were created by Rafael Advanced

Two congressional lawmakers from Texas are lobbying to put more UAVs in the sky along the Texas-Mexico border, reports.  They feel the need for more surveillance in the region.  Currently there are 4 UAVs patrolling the southern border.  Three of the UAVs are based out of Arizona,  the bill includes the Army, National Guard and the Air National Guard to design and build a hanger that would hold the UAVs.  The new UA

Recently the Pentagon has been increasing the use of unmanned aircraft in war zones which has caused a lack of manpower,reports the Dayton Daily News.  The military can only move so fast to train new UAV pilots.  Generally, there are only two men controlling a UAV, one to do the actual flying and the other to operate the sensors for intelligence and surveillance.  The Air Force is currently lookin

Lockheed Martin recently bid on the Army's Joint Air to Ground Missile (JAGM), which is a successor to the Apache helicopters Hellfire missile.  This program also has the potential to be threatened by budget cuts, however Lockheed Martin tends to dispute the budget cuts and continues to push the program to create jobs.  If Lockheed Martin wins the JAGM contract, it could be a economic boom in Central Florida, the program has the potential to create many new jobs for years to come. 

By the end of this month Lockheed Martin will have delivered its first F-35 Lightning to Eglin Air Force Base, Fla, Air Force Times reports.  Elgin Air Force Base will serve as the primary training center for F-35 crew and maintenance.  The F-35 will be used my the Air Force, Navy, and Marines, as well as eight foreign militaries.

After performing a dangerous maneuver incorrectly last month, the Blue Angles will resume air shows starting June 18.  The Blue Angles team was ordered to go on a safety stand-down mode after performing a looping maneuver at a low altitude.  Their new leader Navy Capt. Greg McWherter will guide them in their next show in Davenport, Iowa.

Lockheed Martin recently received $107.6 million contract from the Pentagon on behalf of the the Dutch government.  Over the past decade the Dutch have had an on-and-off participation in the F-35 project.  Star- Telegram reports.

Last month the pentagon revealed that it would cost taxpayers more than $1trillion dollars to sustain the long term F-35 program, reports the Washington Post.  The F-35 program is already a decade old, and our enemies are still finding ways to attack us for a much cheaper price.  In order to be successful in the future the business plan will need to change, with out the right business model, innovatio

Designers at Elbit Systems will provide Israel's Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to Chile's military forces, reports Military and Aerospace Electronics.  The Hermes 900 is one of Israel's most advanced UAVs, it can fly at altitudes higher than 30,000 feet, it has longer endurance, and many payload options.