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Recently the Pentagon has been increasing the use of unmanned aircraft in war zones which has caused a lack of manpower,reports the Dayton Daily News.  The military can only move so fast to train new UAV pilots.  Generally, there are only two men controlling a UAV, one to do the actual flying and the other to operate the sensors for intelligence and surveillance.  The Air Force is currently lookin

Two congressional lawmakers from Texas are lobbying to put more UAVs in the sky along the Texas-Mexico border, reports.  They feel the need for more surveillance in the region.  Currently there are 4 UAVs patrolling the southern border.  Three of the UAVs are based out of Arizona,  the bill includes the Army, National Guard and the Air National Guard to design and build a hanger that would hold the UAVs.  The new UA

Israel looks to display two of its most exciting products, the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system and the Trophy "Windjacket" active protection system for armored fighting vehicles.  The Iron Dome system has already been put to use in southern Israel,  the system was designed to intercept short-range missiles fired by Hamas terrorists at Israeli towns and villages.  The "Windjacket" was also successfully deployed, the system destroys missiles and rockets fired at tanks and other armored vehicles.  Both systems were created by Rafael Advanced

The  F-35 went through a series of test this past week in which Lockheed Martin is proud to announce that the F-35 testing is ahead of schedule, reports  The report includes a few interesting records, such as a new speed record for the F-35, a new longest flight and new record for the number of flights within a month.  Overall the F-35 remains ahead of the overall goals set for test flights this year.  For more content of the F-35

CCCC has an immediate opening in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program for a Coordinator.  This position will develop and direct a curriculum according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 14 CFR Park 147-3A and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). The curriculum will be designed and implemented in accordance with Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) criteria. The Coordinator is responsible for preparing all required applications and related documents to attain and maintain FAA approval of the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program.

Honeywell Aerospace is displaying its new EVS/SVS display at the Paris Air Show.  The system combines digital images of the surrounding terrain from a database, which are captured by a camera on the planes nose cone.  The system then takes those images and enhances them on a screen making it much easier for the pilot to see. 

Another step has been taken towards Biofuel in commercial aviation.  Honeywell's green jet fuel which was a 50/50 blend of Honeywell's green Jet fuel and petroleum based jet fuel, which powered the Gulfstream G450.  The energy crop camelina was used to produce the biofuel, which was cultivated by US-based Sustainable Oils, a provider of camelina-based technology.  Honeywell's green jet fuel reduced the CO2 emissions given off from the aircraft by 5.5 tonnes.

AirAsia placed and order for 200 Airbus SAS A320neo planes which surpassed a record contract held by Indian carrier IndiGo.  The deal came to total of $18 billion,  IndiGo was not far off from holding the record, they ordered 180 A320 aircraft. 

Global Aerospace recently announced the release of an important enhancement to its online insurance certificate processing portal,
Vertcal eCerts offers Global Aerospace's brokers and customers the "unique ability to issue and print their own certificates of insurance on vertical General Aviation policies where Global Aerospace is the lead market. This secure online site will provide 24/7 access to key documents regardless of how many coinsurers participate on a policy."

Boeing is offering airlines new software subscription services which will help them save fuel and boost in-flight environmental and operational efficiency. The company is marketing the services, which Environment News Services reports are based on the Direct-To advanced software algorithms developed by NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in California, under the name InFlight Optimization Services.